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Koa Furniture is located on the Big Island of Hawaii which is very rich in exotic woods such as Koa, Mango and, Ohia.

Koa History

The Koa (Acacia koa) is a species of flowering tree in the pea family, Fabaceae. It is endemic to the Hawaiian Islands, where it is the second most common tree. The highest populations are on the Islands of Hawaii, Maui and Oahu. The Koa tree is a large tree, typically attaining a height of 49–82 ft and a spread of 20–39 ft. In deep volcanic ash, a koa tree can reach a height of 98 ft, a circumference of 20 ft, and a spread of 120 ft. It is one of the fastest-growing Hawaiian trees, capable of reaching 20–30 feet in five years at a good site.

Our Woods - Select Koa

Select Koa

Our Woods - Curly Koa

Curly Koa

Our Woods - Curly Mango

Curly Mango

Hawaiian Koa is one of the most beautiful woods in the world. It has an iridescent quality that is second to none.
Koa has a wide variety of color and grains. For the most part koa is a reddish brown wood. The grade of koa usually refers to the amount of curly grain found in the wood.

Koa Wood Styles

My supplier refers to the grades in many different ways. All are beautiful and unique in it’s own way.
Bubble Curl
Ribbon Curl
Pressure Curl
Fiddle Back Curl
Quarter Sawn Curl

Curly Koa is the most sought after as the wavy grain highlights Koa’s iridescence. Select koa has the same iridescent quality and still has splashes of curly but not as much as my curly grade.

Mango Wood

Mango has a lot of the same qualities as koa but is lighter in color and is not quite as dense. It does have a curly grain that sometimes rivals some of the nicest curly koa. Though an introduced species it is one of the nicest furniture woods grown locally, second only to koa.

Other Island Hardwoods

From time to time I purchase small quantities of other hardwoods such as Ohia, Robusta, Keawe, and whatever catches my eye. You can contact me for availability. I make sure all my materials are purchased from legitimate sources and that these sources practice reforestation.

Other Information

If you would like to have a piece made in a particular type of wood, please Contact Us to check our current board stock. We also are able to special order any type of wood you desire your project to be completed in. Many thanks for your interest in KoaFurniture.com.

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